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DAS represents the pinnacle of the art of pickup making. The best materials, manufactured to the highest standards, brought together to meet precise and exacting specifications.

DAS P.A.F.'59 (now available in Berlin, Kyoto and The Legend models) is a vintage PAF design and the holy grail of our pickups. It uses an Alnico 5 bar magnet to achieve the true vintage sound. It is incredibly versatile humbucker that will work in almost any style of music.

New T° LEAFES model
Check out our new T° leafes with classic tones and great playability. It features semi-hollow ash with a bolt-on 5A mastergrade roasted flamed maple neck and fingerboard.


There is only one reason, why I'm building guitars, and that's passion.

Hand selecting every piece of wood, especially exotic wood, turning it into artistry with craftsmanship & engineering is why my work turns out to be so special and my guitars state of the art. Every Mithans Custom guitar is unique with great attention to detail.

All my guitars are designed and built in my shop in Slovenia / EU. No cheap parts are used in my guitars. Ever.

Before leaving my shop, every guitar gets a professional setup and very detailed quality control.

The high-end craftsmanship, great attention to detail, best available hardware, constant quality control and endless possibilities in design is what will make your future Mithans Guitar so unique and special.

Crafted. Not manufactured.

Mitja Mithans



We accept a variety of payment methods via PayPal (all mayor credit cards), Bank Transfer and Western Union wire transfer.

Your ordered guitar will be shipped within 3 days after we received the payment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.